Heather Cook Skelton established her healthcare law practice out of a desire to be an advocate and protector for medical practices encumbered with the day-to-day hassles of compliance, regulatory red-tape and managed care ambiguities. These things can be draining on providers’ and managers’ resources and mindset when they really just want to focus on their passion … helping and healing patients.

NOT YOUR TYPICAL LAWYER, AND PROUD OF IT: Bringing a refreshingly different mindset to the practice of law through a focus on simplifying versus complicating, preventing versus continuously reacting, negotiating versus litigating, responding versus eluding, and collaborating versus resisting.

OBJECTIVE, INSIGHTFUL GUIDANCE: Bringing a balance of objectivity, specialized knowledge, and research skills to find positive and productive ways to resolve and tackle challenges in a collaborative means of discovery and problem solving.

A STEP AHEAD OF WHAT’S HAPPENING: Giving practices a source of knowledge and up-to-the-minute access to the latest changes in compliance, regulations, and laws, which can directly impact a practice’s way of doing business or their bottom line.

INDEPENDENT THINKING / ATTENTIVE LISTENING: Operating from a foundation of mutual respect and open information gathering in order to effectively challenge the status quo. Striving for a higher level of competency for the practice. Allowing the practice to focus on its core competency through our expertise and insight.

PRACTICE-MINDED ANALYSIS: Realizing that the end result must be a source of value from a business and decision-making standpoint. Presenting information and findings in a manner that clearly delineates short and long-term benefits for options being considered, the pros and cons and the consequences of each.

HANDS ON & ACCESSIBLE: Rolling up our sleeves and becoming a part of the overall team of players striving to achieve excellence in healthcare. Being accessible and available with the level of knowledge and expertise to effectively determine the best possible courses of action.

PROACTIVE ACCOUNTABILITY: Focusing on ways to stay one step ahead of regulations. Offering insight, information and advice for effective decision-making. Facilitating negotiations, which empower and protect a practice’s interests. Finalizing contracts, which close loopholes and eliminate ambiguity.

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