Our law firm strives to bring value to its clients through each of its unique advantages:

ADVANTAGE: Specialized in healthcare law
VALUE: Thorough knowledge of the ever-changing regulations and special laws that apply only to the healthcare industry

ADVANTAGE: Established relationships with managed-care representatives
VALUE: Assists in facilitating contact negotiations to achieve the most favorable legal terms and reimbursement

ADVANTAGE: Personable, hands-on representation
VALUE: Legal advice that is easy to understand and implement

ADVANTAGE: An established track record with specialized practices
VALUE: The specialist for the specialists

ADVANTAGE: Multiple levels of involvement
VALUE: Adaptive to the needs of a practice. Roles can include: analyst, negotiator, drafter, overseer, reviewer, researcher, advisor, and legal counselor

ADVANTAGE: Responsiveness / Accessibility
VALUE: Conscientious and committed to being available. Attentive and diligent to investigating and responding to issues in a timely manner

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